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Our Comprehensive Training Courses to Help You Confidently Offer Body Sugaring to Your Clientele


Interested in Learning More About Sugaring?

Have Your Tried:

➔ DIY YouTube videos to learn on your own?
➔ Looking for a natural solution that won't damage skin?
➔ Looking for sugar training in your area with NO LUCK?

If you answered YES, then we are really glad you're here.
You have found not only top quality, proper body sugaring certification, but partner on your sugar journey!

We've Made it Easy to Learn to Sugar!

It's actually a lot easier than you think - simply by following the right strategy and step by step by guidance you'll get every step of the way, you too can be a Rockstar Body Sugaring Professional! This program is unlike anything you've tried before.

HD Training Videos

All of our trainings have been shot by a pro videographer so you have clear, easy to follow angles of the proper techniques. The curriculum is thorough and easy to follow so you can quickly master your new sugar skills!

A Community of Support

From our Educators to our Alumni, iSugarU is always by your side to support and guide you on your sugar journey.  You are never on an island but rather surrounded by a community that is ready to help you!

Master Theory and Technique

In addition to learning the proper way to sugar, proof of certification is provided so you can submit to the sugar supply companies in order to purchase supplies and accessories!

Mechelle M.- iSugar U Graduate

I've been a licensed aesthetician since 2007, so I was drawn to the online class structure of iSugar University. Going at my own pace and being able to review the videos as many times as I liked was a huge bonus!

Are You Ready to Get a Strong Foundation in Body Sugaring? 

Learn the Basics & Get Certified:

➔ Get a solid understanding of the history & theory of body sugaring as our preferred form of hair removal

➔ Learn body positioning & room setup for an efficient & safe treatment

➔ Understand the proper techniques as a baseline for building advanced skills. Basic body parts include: arms, legs, backs, basic faces, basic bikinis, and hairlines.

➔ Upon completion of final exam and submitting technique videos, receive an official certification to present to the professional sugar supply companies 

Begin with Basic Certification

Love to Sugar in 3 Easy Steps!

Take our Basic Certification Course

Learn at your own pace, in the comfort of your own studio. Our course is designed to give you a solid foundation to learn the proper techniques.

Practice, practice, PRACTICE!

Body Sugaring is truly a technique that take a bit to master. We are with you every step of the way!

Join Our

Next Level Programs

To help you take your skills to the next level we provide Advanced Certification, The Sugar Network, Sugar Tribe, and even a podcast, The Sugar Show!

Imagine what it will feel like as:

  • Your clients start to refer YOU to all of their friends because of the great experience they had with your sugaring service.
  • You ditch the sticks and strips and have so much less waste in your treatment room! 
  • You enjoy deeper trust with your clients because they are confident that you will not hurt them.
  • You are able to use an all natural form of hair removal for your clients safety and comfort. 
  • You're no longer wondering how to build your clientele! Clients are seeking out Sugar Pros in their area.  Be able to say YES! when they call!

What would it be worth to you, to not stress out in your skincare business?

By the end of Basic Certification you'll be:

  • Thoroughly educated on the history and theory of body sugaring for hair removal.
  • Confident in your basic sugar technique, utilizing the Mold & Flick technique.
  • Given a Basic Body Sugaring Certificate as verification of skill mastery for the sugar supply companies and The Sugar Network.
  • Ready to join the SugarTribe and take your skills to the next level!

Let's take a look at what's inside

Module One: Theory

Each module is made up of several topics that are broken down for ease of learning. We start by explaining the history, anatomy of the hair, and concepts supporting the proper removal of that hair.

Module Two: Set Up

In order to provide the most efficient treatment, an overview of room setup, product selection, and body mechanics is reviewed.  Once your setup foundation is tight, learning to sugar will be a breeze!

Module Three: Technique

This is the most important component of learning to sugar... proper technique. We use the hand method or "mold & flick" technique and in this comprehensive module you will learn, with high definition videography, exactly HOW to sugar. Proper body mechanics and application are critical to your success!

Final Exam & Video Submission

The Final Exam is based on the information in all of the video training modules. What's a proper education program without a test of the knowledge you have gained?

After passing, you will submit videos of yourself performing a sugaring service. Never fear, there's no judgement here! ur Admissions team is here to help you perfect your skills so you can properly be the most amazing SugarPro.


Here's what's included in
iSugar University's Basic Certification:

With this program you'll get:

1. Sugar Kit with paste and prep products  (Value $100)

2. 22 Video sections of training (Value $800)

3.  Monthly LIVE Perfection Class (Value $300)

4.  Admissions team to guide you 24/7 (Value = Priceless!)

5. LOVE2SUGAR App Download (Value = Priceless)

**BONUS!   30 days Free Premium Listing (upon completion) in The Sugar Network (Value $29)

  Total Value = ($1229)  




*price includes sugar training kit


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Sugaring IS the new standard for hair removal in top quality service offerings for estheticians and cosmetologists.  Our team is with you every step of the way and the community of Alumni is unmatched in the industry!  

We'll see you on the inside!

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