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Interested in Learning More About Sugaring?

We Have Partnered with iSugar University to Offer Your Clients A Better Way for Hair Removal!


Did you know that body sugaring is a safer, more natural and less aggressive form of hair removal?


Are you looking to add Body Sugaring to your treatment menu but you aren't sure how to get started?

Is finding effective SUGAR training the only thing holding you back from making the "sweet switch to sugar"?

Put DOWN the wax stick!

It's TIME TO JOIN thousands of savvy estheticians & cosmetologists who are

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You have tried the DIY YouTube videos and recipes or you have learned on the side from a co-worker...but you still just don't get it.

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You have been desperate for a clean, natural solution to hair removal that won't damage your clients' sensitive skintypes.

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You are ready to learn but can't seem to find training in your area and cannot shut down your business for 2 full days to get certified.

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Wouldn’t it be “ah-maaaazing” to learn to provide a service that will set you apart from the competition... learn and practice at your own pace...

...and have access to a community of beauty pros that have been right where you are, and are willing to help you reach new heights!


Body Sugaring is an all-natural form of hair removal using a  paste made from lemon, sugar and water.  The paste is molded onto the skin against the direction of the hair growth, then quickly pulled off - removing the sugar paste, extracting unwanted hair and collecting dead skin cells.  Compared to wax, body sugar allows for the hair to be extracted in the direction of its growth means less breakage and discomfort.   It's more sanitary and reduces waste because there are no sticks or strips. 

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I know what it's like to be staring at the ceiling, wondering how I was going to pay the bills with an inconsistent,  semi- full appointment book.

Knowing their was a better way than putting hot resin on my clients sensitive skin. 

I WAS Desperate for raving fans who can't wait to tell their friends about my services or put up a 5 star review for my skincare biz.

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Much like the times we are facing today, 2009 was a bad year to deal with major life hurdles.

As a single mom, I was forced to move my two young boys to a new city and build a whole new business from scratch...right at the start of the Great Recession.

I knew building a clientele doing facials was going to be an uphill battle, as so many women were forced to cut back on spending wherever they could.  I needed something that would be "recession proof" and set me apart from everyone else.

My life changed when I found Sugar. 

It was NOT easy!

I had to find training within a reasonable drive, find someone to watch my kids while I went to training, and adapt to the teaching style of my trainer. I almost gave up so many times, as I just couldn't get the technique down. The only thing I could do was practice, practice, practice!

I got it down...I mastered the technique...and I very quickly built an amazing clientele that would never give up their Sugar!

Fast forward five years...I decided it was time to share.

I wanted beauty professionals to have a way to begin their body sugaring journey at their own pace from their own studio, or even from home.

I also wanted to provide a support system that would allow our students to find qualified "hands-on" training, engage with a community of incredibly supportive professionals on the same journey, and break down the barriers keeping you from finding the same Sweet Success that I have enjoyed for more than a decade.

Now, more than ever, I am pleased to welcome you to Body Sugaring.

I know it can change your life as it DID for me!

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IMAGINE if you could FIND the SECRET

to building a skincare life you love


make 6 FIGURE income from it?


Training that Goes Wherever You Are

We give you the opportunity to get highly qualified and professional education from anywhere. No need to close your studio or spa to attend a life training. No additional travel expenses to add to the lost revenues from shutting down for a day or two.

We bring the best Sugar training to your treatment room, your sofa, or wherever you happen to be.

Learning at YOUR Pace

We all learn very differently...some like to understand the concepts first, while others like to jump right  into the demonstrations and pick up the theory as they go.

All of our training courses come equipped with PAUSE and REWIND buttons, which gives you complete control of YOUR learning experience.  And you don't have to wait until tomorrow or next week for your next class to start...move onto the next lesson when you are ready!

We are ALWAYS There For You

The technology allows your instructor to be with you whenever you want. Still struggling with a technique, just queue up that class and let's review. In your treatment studio and need to brush up on a specific body part, let's pull up that lesson again.

Beyond the library of courses, we have so many resources available to support your journey. You will never feel like you are alone!

There are Sooo Many Reasons to Switch!

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We Take the Frustration Out of Learning

Step by Step Formula to Confidently Offer Sugaring in Your Skincare Biz


Learning the wrong techniques from a YouTube "pro

Waiting for a hands on training to come to a big city near you

Worrying that your certification won't be accepted by the professional sugar supply company

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HD Training Videos

All of our trainings have been shot by a professional videographer so you have clear, easy to follow angles on the proper technique. The curriculum is thorough and easy to follow so you can quickly master your new sugar skills!

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An Army of Support

From our Educators to our Alumni, iSugarU is always by your side to support and guide you on your sugar journey. You are never on an island, but rather surrounded by a community who is ready to help you!

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24/7 Access to Training

Life gets crazy, our schedules get busy...we know! Having access to the trainings whenever you need them is critical to your success.  Take as much time as you need.  Learn at your own have access to the videos always.

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Master Theory & Technique

In addition to learning the proper way to sugar, Proof of certification is provided so you can submit to the sugar supply companies in order to purchase supplies and accessories.


Our Step by Step Guide to Confidently Offer Body Sugaring to your Skincare Clientele

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Body Sugar Certification

What's Included in the

Basic Certification Course? 

  • 22 HD Training Videos in 5 modules covering theory & proper techniques of Body Sugaring

  • Topics include: Room Setup, Body Mechanics, Mold & Flick, Prep & Post procedures, and basic body parts to get you comfortable  

  • Access to curriculum and videos 24/7 online

  • Help & Support every step of the way!

  • Exclusive link to purchase a discounted training kit including pre & post products, one tub of Training sugar paste, and gloves

  • Proof of Certification upon completion 


*Does not include a kit. A link will be given to order a discounted kit.


Alumni Love

These Savvy Sugarists ease of the trainings and their new found sugaring confidence!

Hesitant at first, I decided to go ahead and take the online course. Found every step easy to understand and the videos fairly graded and critiqued. It was as if the instructor was right by my side.

Anjelah W.


ISU (iSugar University)  exceeded my expectations! Not only did I take away all the knowledge to sugar, I also have confidence in my technique! ISU and my fellow ISU community provides on going support. I’m happy with my decision to have taken these courses. Thank you!

Michelle W.

I've been a licensed aesthetician since 2007, so I was drawn to the online class structure of iSugar University. Going at my own pace and being able to review the videos as many times as I liked was a huge bonus!

Mechelle M.

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We Love2Sugar but...

iSugarU may not be a fit for you if:

  • You’re not a licensed esthetician and/or cosmetologist: To get certified through iSugarU, you must send in your license or verify your enrollment in beauty school.
  • You don’t like online learning: iSugarU is a 100% online program that will get you to certified in Sugaring.
  • Your studio only wants to work with wax: iSugarU teaches you techniques associated with sugaring.
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Still Have Questions? We Have Answers!

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Why should I choose online training over hands on training?

Nothing compares to hands-on training when it comes to learning a new technique. iSugar University is designed to provide access to those licensed estheticians who do not have training in their area, need access to training immediately, or need to have a training that they use to practice at their own pace, in the comfort of their studio.Starting with our Basic Certification gets you ready to tackle those hands on classes and perfect your skills!

How long does the training take?

The beauty of online instruction is you can take these courses at your own pace. Stop and start the videos as many times as you need to catch the nuances of this art. You will have unlimited access to the training videos so if you need to replay one it will be always be available to you. After becoming certified, we recommend you be committed to your practice. You will not be able to immediately add this service to your menu unless you master this art. Taking your time through the videos and practicing daily will bring your skills up to speed quickly.

Can I take the course if I am a student?

Yes! If you are enrolled in a cosmetology program you can take our Basic Certification course so you are ready to go when you graduate. When you complete your schooling and take your state board test, you can submit your license information and your certificate will be emailed to you. 

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You want to provide clean beauty services in your business

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You want to ensure a solid booking foundation for your business.

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You want to provide the BEST products for your clientele. 

 Let us help you master the techniques so you too can be a badass sugarist....

we got YOU!

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Yesss! I want to start Sugaring!