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All The Tools You Need To Learn to Sugar and Build A Successful Sugaring Business

You have been hearing about sugaring for a while now...maybe your clients are curious, maybe you have seen stories on socials with that beautiful ball of sugar, or maybe you just want to find a better way to help your skincare clients get smooth skin.  You want to build your skincare business and you have been hearing about sugaring and you dont know where to start ...

OR already sugar and you need help perfecting your skills or growing your business.


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I've Been Where You Are...

I know the feeling. You want to provide the best services AND you have to figure out how to make a good living doing them...

Sugaring was the answer for me, so I have dedicated my career to showing you how I did it.  Its time for you to level up your skincare business.  Let's Do This....

How to achieve Sweet Success with Body Sugaring!

Are you fed up with the same old spa routine that everyone on the block is offering? Ready to ditch the ordinary and embrace something delightfully unique for your clients? Buckle up for a sweet revolution in the beauty industry that not only stands out but also builds a tribe of loyal clients! Let Love2Sugar help you build the beauty business you have dreamed of having! 

Whether you are just starting your journey or looking to level up your sugaring business we can help!

Ready to dive into the awesomeness? Grab your free blueprint and let the journey to Sweet Success begin!

It's time to plan your perfect month....and see the potential sugaring can create!

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Basic Sugaring Certification

It is critical at the beginning of your education that you learn the proper technique and have a thorough understanding of the history of hair removal and anatomy.  When you learn the right way from the start, your advanced skills stack on top, carving out a solid foundation for your body sugaring skills.

This course is 36 HD video classes that go over everything you will need to get started.

Click here to learn more about Basic Sugaring Certification!

Next Level

Advanced Sugar Skills BootCamp


Do you already know how to sugar and you need help perfecting your advanced skills? Did you get sugar-certified with another company and just didn't catch on? Or maybe you just want to see how someone else sugars because you have been doing the same thing for a long time?

This self paced course will take you through the next step after basic certification and show you proper techniques for male & female anatomy Brazilians, full faces, pregnant women, and so much more!

Click here to learn more about our 90 day BootCamp!

Need Personal Attention?

Monthly Biz Coaching


Join Shannon The SugarMama® and her community of Sugar Bosses as they navigate their sweet success.  Each month you will focus on YOUR business, with ideas, accountability, and a whole lotta encouragement!

No matter what point of your sugar journey you are on, you can always join us in a coaching session...try it for a month and see if it's exactly what you have been looking for...our guess is YES!

Click here to learn more about LIVE Monthly Biz Coaching!

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Every other Sunday, we publish a new episode that is meant to inspire you, teach you a few new things, and keep you posted on the latest news in the sugaring industry!

Take Shannon & her guests along with you on a walk with the dog, while you are cleaning your treatment room, or wherever you love to listen to your favorite podcast.  

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Meet Radeq, Founder & Formulator of Radeq Labs

Our Preferred Sugar Partner! 

We are proud to announce our partnership with RADEQ LAB SUGARING, a company that manufactures the world's first sugaring paste based on Inuflex Technology™ and rapidly growing in the sugaring industry in Europe. We have convinced their founder, Radek, to bring his trailblazing sugaring products to the United States and give you opportunity to speed up your work and bring even more friendly solutions for your clients. 

Radek Pielczyk is the innovative mind behind Radeq Lab. Specializing in cosmetology, he has redefined hair removal with his pioneering sugaring techniques since 2008. Radeq Lab, under Radek's guidance, boasts a manufacturing hub in Klijndijk, The Netherlands, and offers an array of over 30 unique sugar paste formulations. In 2022, Radek led the development of the world's first sugar paste using Inuflex Technology™, accompanied by a series of prebiotic skin care products. As Radeq Lab continues to grow, Radek's focus on enhancing production through automation remains unwavering, ensuring the brand meets the increasing global demand while pushing the boundaries of technological innovation in cosmetology.

Welcome to the United States, Radek! 

"Together we can make the world a sweeter place"

With her strong dedication to sugaring education, and Radeq's brilliant formulations of sugaring products, Shannon knew this partnership would be sweet!  Not only will the US sugaring world learn new things, but internationally we can make a difference now too!


Our Love2Sugar programs get you from 0 to SugarPro in record time. This is your ticket out of overwhelm and into easy-breezy.

Let's get you started!

Not only will you get instant access to all the course materials, but you'll also get any future updates we throw in! You will learn so much not only self-paced, but LIVE online with our community and inside the Love2Sugar App whenever you need a little extra help!

"Love2Sugar is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Shannon is amazing, the community is super supportive.  Not only do you learn to sugar, you have access to the leaders in the sugar community. AND you have the option to continue your education afterwards!"

Cidy Andrews
Nitty Gritty Wax Parlor

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I know how hard it was to first get the hang of not only working as an esthetician but then trying to set yourself apart! THE best choice I made for my business and my clients skin was to learn to sugar. 

It takes time, discipline and a whole lotta patience to get this career right...and my team and I are here for you every step of the way!

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