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Who is the SugarMama?

Welcome to iSugar University!

Hello! I am Shannon O’Brien, your passionate founder and Dean of iSU! I help estheticians get certified in the art of Body Sugaring and catapult their businesses with their technique. The biggest frustration I have found is that esties can’t find quality training in their area at times that work well for their schedule. You want great training and you want it now! I don’t blame you.

As a single mother with two active boys, I know the importance of finding easy access to training that fits into your busy schedule. iSugarU is my answer to that need.

I have enjoyed teaching many fun, inspiring classes to esties who were ready to kick their practices up a notch with sugaring. I created iSugarUniversity to bring quality Body Sugaring training and inspiration to estheticians across the country, no matter where they live or how busy their schedules may be.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask us! My staff and I are available to help. Feel free to shoot us an email, you can contact the admissions department at [email protected], or send a message through FaceBook. We are here to provide all the tools for you to create your own Body Sugaring success.

See you in Class!


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