Hi! I'm Shannon,

Your SugarMama!

I went from nervous

single mama/Solo Esthetician to helping thousands of online skincare professionals build a life and business they love with a little ball of lemon, sugar, and water.

And my team & I would love to help you too!

Hey there! I'm Lindsay

Ready to start really living your best life? Then you're in the right place.

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Love2Sugar is a dynamic platform of tools built to help Skincare Pros succeed.

From teaching the proper theory and techniques, to connecting you with industry experts, our "WHY" is YOU.  And quite honestly, its your clients.  They deserve the best techniques for smooth, healthy skin and you deserve a solid education to achieve that.  Every tool we build from a directory of Sugaring Professionals around the United State & Canada, to an Online Community of education and support ,our is designed to strengthen the mission is to switch the entire industry to using that little ball of lemon, sugar, and water to achieve sweet success!

My team and I want Sugar Pros to Be Wildly Successful...

Why? Because we have first hand experienced the benefits for both our clients' skin AND our consistent business success.  We know that together we can help support each other to switch consumers OFF hot wax and over to using that sweet little ball of sugary love.

1:1 Sugar Coaching


Spend Some Time with the SugarMama!

  • Perfect your sugaring skills
  • Get answers to your skill questions
  • Take your business to the next level with guidance and a well thought out plan
  • Have uninterrupted 1 on 1 time with Shannon to help with YOUR needs
Lets Do This!

3 Session Coaching Bundle


Select this to Purchase 2 Sessions get a BONUS Session

  • Goal setting and accountability plan for next-level growth
  • Extensive work on your sugaring technique if needed
  • More time to really dive DEEP and find out what's holding you back
  • These extra sessions will give us time for true mentorship and guidance!
Lets Do This A Few Times!

There are so many ways to grow,

and I'm here to help! 

I've spent a lot of time over the last 12 years perfecting my craft, nurturing students to reach new heights, and running my own successful Sugaring Studios complete with employees, retail, and skincare services.  My time spent with you will be based on listening to YOUR individual needs and helping YOU to not only be a rockstar Sugar Pro but build a balanced business that will provide for you and your family!

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