The Sweet Science of Sugaring and the Microbiome


Embark on a sweet expedition with your Sugar Mama, Shannon O'Brien, as she shares her transformative story from sugaring novice to entrepreneur extraordinaire. Tune in and unearth the power of the skin microbiome, and how it's revolutionized by Radeq Lab's groundbreaking sugar-paste concoctions. This isn't just about hair removal; it's a garden of delight for your skin, where every treatment feeds and fortifies your natural flora. With the help of the innovative minds at Radeq Pielczyk, we're setting a new standard in skincare that seamlessly blends with our sugaring techniques, ensuring clients leave not just hairless but with a radiant, thriving complexion.

Prepare for an educational treat as Shannon provides a wealth of knowledge on nurturing your skin's ecosystem, backed by the science of prebiotics and postbiotics. You'll find that the analogies of carrots and onions are not just for cooking—they're key to understanding your skin's needs during and after a sugaring session. Stick with us for a holistic approach to beauty and business, where you're empowered to enhance your sugaring skills and grow a flourishing enterprise. Join Shannon on this episode of the Sugar Show, and let your skincare practice blossom into something as sweet as the sugar we swear by.

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