The SugarShow, S2, Ep. 1: Welcome back!


2020 is off to such a challenging start, that we decided the SugarShow needed a new season. Welcome to season 2!

In our lockdown, we have built a community of educators and students—imagine, a pandemic brought us together to make this happen! But enough of the pandemic—in our community, we will leave that at the door and keep things sweet with talking about all things sugar.


Here is a little homework beyond listening to this podcast consists of three steps.

  • Map out your next week and month. Yes, fill with clients, but also, fill with things that strengthen your mind, body and soul.
  • Focus on your clients. Say it again. Focus on your clients. Steer the conversation away from riots, pandemics, etc. and focus on where they are, right now, with their skin, hair removal, and sugar experience.
  • Review your trainings, previous podcasts, and masterclasses. There is so much included in the Sugar Tribe membership as well as your original certification. Make sure you review and get it all! Spend about 20 minutes a day to continue to build your skills.

We are here to help. Take advantage of the gurus and knowledge that Love2Sugar provides. The Love2Sugar Community is free and allows you to network and connect with sugarists everywhere.

Enjoy this next season! We are working on more education, more engagement, more everything so that you get the most out of this education and up level your business!


To meet more inspiring Sugarists and business masters, join us in the SugarTribe FB Community for more knowledge!

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