What Common Mistake are YOU Making to Hurt Your Skincare Business?

sugarshow Mar 24, 2024
What Common Mistake are YOU Making to Hurt Your Skincare Business?

As an esthetician, you've chosen a sweet profession—body sugaring. But even the sweetest practices face challenges.

In the latest Sugar Show Podcast episode, our host Shannon O'Brien unwraps the issues hindering many sugaring businesses and shares invaluable advice on how to overcome them.

First Impressions are Lasting

The ambiance and condition of your treatment space speak volumes before you utter a word. Outmoded decor or equipment doesn't just scream 'dated'; it whispers 'neglect' to clients seeking a refresh. Upgrade your space, ensure safety standards, and watch client satisfaction—and your reputation—rise.

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness
More than ever, cleanliness is in the spotlight. A spotless treatment room is not only your professional canvas but also a testament to your dedication to client safety and satisfaction. Overlook this, and you risk not just your credibility but also the legal standing of your business.
Social Media: A...
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From Expert Sugarist to Sought-After Educator: Unwrapping the Secrets of a Successful Sugaring Business

sugarshow Mar 10, 2024

The art of body sugaring is not just about hair removal; it's a craft that intertwines skill, care, and continuous education. In the latest podcast episode, we had the pleasure of listening to Shannon the SugarMama converse with Tajina Rocke, a renowned sugarist turned educator. Their discussion wasn't just a narrative of personal success but an inspiring blueprint for those aspiring to refine their sugaring practice and perhaps venture into the realm of teaching.<br><br>Tahina's journey from mastering sugaring techniques to shaping the next generation of sugarists through her Bare Bodies Sugaring Academy is an inspiring tale. The podcast delves into how Tajina recognized the necessity of a dedicated learning space, contrasting with the limitations of mobile teaching. She emphasized the importance of a structured environment where students are free to experiment, make mistakes, and grow – a foundational principle for any educational...

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The SugarShow: S3E1: What Does Sweet & Strong Actually Mean in 2021?

sugarshow Jan 09, 2021

Welcome to Season 3!

Thousands of downloads and happy listeners have taken a listen to our little podcast!  I am honored to be a part of this sugaring industry and inspire you on your journey!  Last year was a doozy, wasn't it? Well, this year, we are gonna get Sweet & Strong...its not just a cute slogan...the words will hold such power for 2021!


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The SugarShow, Special Shelter in Place Edition with your host, Shannon O'Brien Sophia

sugarshow Mar 22, 2020

The time has never been better to learn how to sugar!  In this uncertain time of "sheltering in place" (a term we never have used before!) have a skill to rely on in tough times is key to survival in your skincare business.

Shannon O'Brien Sophia is the host of the SugarShow, a licensed esthetician, owner of the award winning SugarMama's Studios in California.  She survived the last recession of 2009 by learning how to sugar.  When facial clients could no longer afford their higher end treatments, one thing remained...they would not sacrifice their hair removal needs.

Spend a few moments learning from Shannon, and becoming inspired to survive this economic downturn that is sure to happen.

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If you are interested in learning how to sugar you may visit our special offer for Basic Body Sugaring Certification
If you are currently a body sugaring specialist we also have advanced...

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The SugarShow, Ep. 13: How and Why to Use LED Light Therapy in your Sugaring Services

sugarshow Jan 18, 2020

Its time to take your sugaring services to the next level!  Richard Maher, National Educator for LightStim is with us on the SugarShow to offer just that...using LED post sugaring treatment will enhance your clients' experience and create a loyalty not only because of the great results but the extra care you put into your services.

A bit about Richard: He is an award-winning massage therapist and esthetician with near 15 years of expertise in beauty, wellness, and education. Currently residing in Orange County, California, he serves as LightStim’s National Educator, assisting in the formation of their advanced curriculum and supplementary programs. Backed by hands-on knowledge in diverse disciplines including skin care, anatomy, and creative modality integrations, Richard is driven by a passion for creative, solution-based training with a holistic approach.

For More Info on LightStim:


 IG: @LightStim

Facebook Business: ...

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The SugarShow, Ep. 12: Don't Be Afraid of Your Biz Numbers! with Daniela Woerner, Addo Aesthetics

sugarshow Jan 12, 2020

Shannon and Daniela have the most real heart to heart conversations and this one doesn't disappoint!  We get down to talking about why people don't talk about money, and why they absolutely should when it comes to their success in business.  2020 is all about systems and having a plan in place...this episode will dive deep and help sugar professionals learn to not be afraid of their business numbers, but rather embrace them so they can grow.

Daniela also has an amazing Facebook Community called Spa Marketing Made Easy which I highly recommend you join and become active with to boost your systems in your business.

To learn more about Daniela Woerner and her business AddoAesthetics check out her website or follow her insta @addoaesthetics !

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The SugarShow, Ep. 10: Can you Private Label Homecare for Your Sugaring Business? with Vanessa & Maria Neu, Hip & Chick Organiks

sugarshow Dec 14, 2019

Meet the dynamic mother/daughter team of Hip & Chick Organiks, Vanessa and Maria Neu!
When we started Hip & Chick we had the hopes of creating a collection of small-batch, handcrafted bath & body products that were infused with our favorite organic ingredients. Since 2012 we have done just that! All without sacrificing style, the most harmonious of fragrances & honest-to-goodness quality.

Working together has been a dream for us as we are that best friend type of mother-daughter team. We have the same taste in everything from fashion to music and movies. (And if it came out between 1980 and 1989, we especially see eye-to-eye!) Through our creating of this business, we are able to experience our individual & unique growth of knowledge and creativity while inspiring and motivating each other. Not only are we able to work side by side but we are blessed in being able to collaborate with so many other amazing women entrepreneurs, where we encourage &...

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The SugarShow, Ep. 1: Welcome to The SugarShow!


Thanks for tuning in! Welcome to the very first episode of the SugarShow!

To give you some background my clients named me the SugarMama because:

  1. My superpower is Sugaring
  2. I'm a mama to 5 kids and 1 granddaughter
  3. And because the “other meaning” is that I’ll take care of you

But to me being The SugarMama means I will guide you and give you solid REAL advice. We will work through all the things not only sugaring techniques but business and growth and a whole lotta gratitude.
We will laugh
We will learn
And we will do big things. I'm not shy!

For 10 years now I’ve made my living sugaring an enormous clientele and for the last 5 years I've been teaching esties all over the world how to master the art of body sugaring.

I've been able to go from scared single mama back then not knowing in a recession how I was going to feed my kids… to tripling my income and hiring a staff of esties and front desk dynamos to accommodate the growth. I've been able to help...

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