The SugarShow, S2, Ep. 2: Advanced Minerals with Special Guest Annie Mayo


On today’s podcast, we welcome Annie Mayo with Advanced Mineral Makeup. I’ve always seen Annie at shows and her booth is always crowded! She created a line a mineral makeup that provides natural color coverage with minerals that support healthy and happy skin. I am so thankful to have her on the show today to share her knowledge!

Advanced Mineral Makeup is more than makeup. In fact, it is so much more that the work “makeup” shouldn’t even be used. It is a skin treatment that colors skin. And the best part, it is the perfect addition to an after-sugaring treatment! Advanced Minerals are made up of just that—minerals! These minerals are bacteria fighting, skin calming, inflammation fighting wonders. Annie suggests adding this as a finishing touch to your treatment because it will benefit everyone’s skin plus add a “finished” touch.

  • DURING TREATMENT: At the end of sugaring, you can add value to your client by using Advanced Minerals. There is a dry sunscreen to protect the skin, a powder to add anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory minerals to their skin, and they will leave with a finished look. This is ideal for your clients. We aren’t masking the issue like you would with regular makeup, we are treating the issue!
  • AFTER TREATMENT: This is an opportunity to teach your clients about skincare and what is best for their skin in between treatments. No junk makeup! No bad sunscreen! Once they see the benefits in action after their treatment, they will be ready to take better care and add-on product in order to keep everything healthy in between.

So, what is in the minerals? Vitamins A, E, aloe vera & carrot oils—everything that helps with anti-inflammation and anti-bacterial! The main ingredient that assists with this is Zinc.

The important takeaway is over the counter contains bacteria—it can’t be helped. Minerals do not grow bacteria. Period.

Plus, with Advanced Minerals, you have four basic colors that you mix to create the perfect color. You don’t have to worry about having an abundance of products left on hand. Every person’s skin tone has a mix of these tones. These are affordable, comes with a tabletop display, and will keep everything so simple!

Then, we have to talk about sanitizing especially in today’s world. In order to make your supply last longer in the store, scrape the top off the powder onto a tissue—this will be what you use for that client. Then, using brushes you can apply. Have 2 or 3 sets of brushes on hand so that you can sanitize the brushes in between clients with brush cleaner. Clients with acne, rosacea, or sensitivities will not have to worry about cross contamination.

One thing to point out is our makeup in non-transferable. What that means in today’s world is that your makeup will stay on your face—even with mask wearing! There will be very slight residue, but it won’t pull off that makeup from your skin. Be safe, wear a mask, and treat your skin right!

Another product us sugaring people love is Hale & Hush! Guess what? You can still use that in treatment. First apply Hale & Hush and then the mineral mask. Since the mineral mask is non-transferable, they can safely be used afterwards and set your client up for a picture perfect end result.

With all of this—there is no need to sell. The minerals are going to sell themselves. You are providing value to the client and making the best use of your time. Help them have a healthy glow when they leave while reaping the benefits of minerals for their skin.

We appreciate Annie Mayo’s time and knowledge to join us today. She has provided so much information and a great solution for your clients! Adding this product to your sugaring is a no-brainer.

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We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between beautiful makeup and quality ingredients. With 25 years as a Television and Film make-up artist, former esthetician Annie Mayo, launched Advanced Mineral Makeup in 2009 to bring you the purest pharmaceutical ingredients that are free from parabens, talc, fragrance and dyes. Advanced Mineral Makeup has become the top endorsed, most progressive line of mineral makeup, created to bring out the best version of who you are, with the highest quality, natural ingredients, and celebrity finish.

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