The SugarShow, S2, Ep. 3: Summer Sugaring--Keeping Your Cool


Welcome to Love2Sugar’s The SugarShow’s 3rd episode “Summer Sugaring--Keeping Your Cool!" I’m Shannon, the “SugarMama,” here to guide you on keeping all things cool this summer.

Aaahhhh Summer. Sunshine, beaches, bikinis...and beautifully smooth skin. Music to an estheticians ears! 

This is the busiest hair removal season for the beauty industry and the best time to build your clientele. Seasoned sugarists know they have a consistent tool to bring clients in the door no matter what time of year--even the hot summers. After 10 summers in the treatment room in hot California, here are my tips for keeping you and your clients cool and perfectly smooth.

8 Musts for Summer Sugaring Success:

  1. Chill Out Your Room: Keep the temperature in your room around 70 degrees to keep your sugar paste consistent. When you are sugaring back to back, it is important to keep you cool and keep your clients body temperature down if they have been outside and their skin is warm. Year round have a fan oscillating to keep the air in your room circulating too!
  2. Firm Up: Order a paste with a bit firmer consistency than you would in the cooler months. Your hands might be warm and the clients skin will warm up your paste as well.  Work with your sugar supplier to find the right paste in their line up that will work in your climate. They know their line best and want you to be a huge success!
  3. Hot Hands?: Do you tend to run hot yourself? Try dialing back your coffee consumption, use peppermint oil on the base of your neck to keep your internal temps cool, or try using a second glove on your sugar hand to keep your heat from softening that paste.
  4. Powder Up Buttercup: Keep your powder (and a dry washcloth) closer at hand to keep sweaty areas in check. Don’t over powder as it will thicken up your paste. As you move over the area, you might need to dab with the wash cloth followed by another quick dusting of powder. If you get stuck, you can remove the paste with a warm washcloth and repowder the area.  Don’t worry, you got this!
  5. Cool Globes: I always keep cool globes in a skincare fridge for those clients whose faces get inflamed easily.  After the sugaring treatment, use a calming gel (one of my faves is Hale & Hush Hydrate Gel) and roll the cool globes over the freshly sugared skin.  Your client will feel extra cool and special and their skin will calm down quickly.  Try a dusting of mineral sunscreen to kick things up a notch for luxury and sun protection too! My fave is Advanced Minerals!
  6. Morning Appointments: Have a client that ALWAYS runs hot and sweats like crazy? Book them in the morning! No workouts or coffee before for this client either! Trust me, morning appointments for them will make a huge difference for both you and them.
  7. Strips: I know we are super proud that we don’t need to use a pile of sticks and muslin strips like waxers do.  It is a wise idea to keep some pellon or non-woven strips in your back bar for those times when the sugar gets too soft on the skin to remove.  Simply remove any excess sugar with your hand, then apply a strip to the area, rub the strip a bit, then remove like you used to in the old days of waxing and the sugar & hair beneath will slide off like a dream.
  8. 2 Smaller Balls: Keep control of our paste and get creative.  If I know a client gets hot during a Brazilian session, I will double glove my sugar hand and take the first ball of your preferred paste and sugar the sides, top, and skip straight to the backside. Take the first glove and paste off, and take a firmer paste in your new glove to sugar the labia.  If you have an extremely hot client that always sweats midway through, start with the labia and your firm paste then switch out for complete the sides, top, and backside! 

Remember to ORDER EARLY from your sugar supplier in the summer to avoid hot delivery trucks and shortage of supply!  

Cheers to your best and coolest summer yet! #wegotthis


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