The SugarShow: Special Shelter in Place Edition: Talking Biz with Angela Green, Skin Biz School


In these uncertain times, it's always best to reach out to our business gurus and find some certainty when it comes to our beauty businesses.  We will get through these restrictions and come out the other side.  And when we do, this episode will come down and a new fresh episode with Angela will go up!

Angela Green is the founder of Skin Biz School, a veteran esthetician, and educator for Se Brazil.  She experienced the recession of 10 years ago and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to knowing your business numbers in order to make educated decisions about your sugaring business.  In this episode, she discusses how to make time each day while we are at home to focus on your business planning.  Specifically how to manage your finances and do a cost per service analysis of each treatment you perform.  When it is time to return to business, as usual, you might be tempted to just push a discount, but Angela warns that if you discount too steep you will actually net a low amount and might even come out at a loss.

Let's work smart, esties and cosmos!  #wegotthis

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