The SugarShow, Ep. 12: Don't Be Afraid of Your Biz Numbers! with Daniela Woerner, Addo Aesthetics


Shannon and Daniela have the most real heart to heart conversations and this one doesn't disappoint!  We get down to talking about why people don't talk about money, and why they absolutely should when it comes to their success in business.  2020 is all about systems and having a plan in place...this episode will dive deep and help sugar professionals learn to not be afraid of their business numbers, but rather embrace them so they can grow.

Daniela also has an amazing Facebook Community called Spa Marketing Made Easy which I highly recommend you join and become active with to boost your systems in your business.

To learn more about Daniela Woerner and her business AddoAesthetics check out her website or follow her insta @addoaesthetics !

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