The SugarShow, Ep. 10: Can you Private Label Homecare for Your Sugaring Business? with Vanessa & Maria Neu, Hip & Chick Organiks


Meet the dynamic mother/daughter team of Hip & Chick Organiks, Vanessa and Maria Neu!
When we started Hip & Chick we had the hopes of creating a collection of small-batch, handcrafted bath & body products that were infused with our favorite organic ingredients. Since 2012 we have done just that! All without sacrificing style, the most harmonious of fragrances & honest-to-goodness quality.

Working together has been a dream for us as we are that best friend type of mother-daughter team. We have the same taste in everything from fashion to music and movies. (And if it came out between 1980 and 1989, we especially see eye-to-eye!) Through our creating of this business, we are able to experience our individual & unique growth of knowledge and creativity while inspiring and motivating each other. Not only are we able to work side by side but we are blessed in being able to collaborate with so many other amazing women entrepreneurs, where we encourage & empower each other. 

As mother & daughter we share the same desire to not only use healthy, natural body products, but they always had to smell delicious too. We began to notice that our choices in that area were quite limited and so we began experimenting with sugar scrubs & soy candles at our home studio in Northern California. We wanted to create a bath & body line using organic ingredients wherever possible without sacrificing the most indulgent aromas & textures. After many long days of testing lush organic ingredients & intoxicating scent combinations, Hip & Chick Organiks was born.

In 2014 our hearts won (yay!) and we finally left the East Bay and moved Hip & Chick HQ to Santa Cruz, a perfect little beach town in Northern California!

Now since 2016 we have had the opportunity to open a retail shop alongside our production studio! It is here, in our shop by the sea, we handcraft each and every product in our line! From measuring and mixing, to pouring and labeling you can find us whipping up luscious batches of our sugar scrubs, lotions, oils & butters, or soy candles almost any day of the week. And, if you happen to find yourself in the Pleasure Point neighborhood of Santa Cruz we invite you to come into our shop for a hands-on experience. With an extremely cozy feel, our shop offers a carefully curated selection of bath, body, candles & gifts crafted by artisans from California and beyond that share our same values and compliment our own collection of products beautifully.

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