The SugarShow, Ep. 14: The Benefits of Being an Employee vs Solo Estie with Kirsten Foss


This episode is one that goes into the MUST LISTEN TO list for the week!  Kirsten Foss is a brilliant Business Coach and helps both estheticians and spas get clear on their goals for their businesses.  In this episode we discuss:

  •  the pros and cons of going out on your own as a solo esthetician versus working as an employee.  
  • what you should be focusing on to make the most out of being an employee
  • how you can develop your own business and step into your own personal leadership as an employee
  • getting real on being a "Six Figure Estie" 
  • getting your financial literacy dialed in

We had so much to discuss we created an After The Show episode as well for members of The SugarTribe to dive deeper into what to do if you aren't happy where you are working currently.

Kirsten Foss has over 20 years as an esthetician, spa owner, mentor, consultant & leader creating a deep understanding of the issues and frustrations beauty entrepreneurs face in their business. Her company, Kirsten Foss Coaching, develops operational efficiencies and management systems for spas all over the world.

Would you like some help getting your goals and business future dialed in?  You can reach Kirsten Foss here:
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IG - @kirsten_foss

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