The SugarShow: S3E4: Are YOU the Go-To Sugaring Professional in Your Area? w Maxine Drake


Are you truly THE GO-TO Sugaring Pro in your town?  If not, what's holding you back?

Our guest, Maxine Drake, founder of Esthetician Beauty Academy, the Beauty Business Summit, and creator of the Esthetician Inner Circle...joins us in this episode to help you answer the burning question of how to be THE ONE clients seek out to Sugar them.

How do you KNOW if you are truly THE BEST?

Is your Marketing truly getting your work out?

What holds you back from really becoming THE choice for sugar in your area?

How can Introverts bust out of their shell and market their true skills?

Its time to change the narrative and say "I AM going to get better at my skills and marketing so I WILL be THE CHOICE in my town for sugaring!"  Time to truly be #sweetandstrong20201

For more information on Maxine's programs check out her website, as well as her programs and the  Esthetician Business Academy!

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