The SugarShow: S2 E10 - Tips for a Clean and NonToxic Sugar Treatment Room w Stephanie Laynes


What is Clean?  The smell of pine or tea tree? Wiping down with Lysol wipes? 

We dive deep to understand what makes a sugar treatment room clean with Stephanie Laynes ! 

What is Sanitation?
What is the difference between Sanitation and Disinfection?
How safe is Lysol and chemicals for Sugarists who turn their rooms around every half hour?
Are there products out there that we can use that are EPA approved but not toxic for the professional or their clientele?
What is Twin Oxide?
What is the proper protocol for cleaning and disinfecting our room and our homes every day?

Stephanie just launched a new line of products that help the Sugar Pro easily keep their room clean and safe. Sauberwell provides options in sanitation & disinfection for businesses looking for healthier ways to sanitize & disinfect their businesses. Our goal is to help businesses use methods of cleaning with sanitizers and disinfectants that have less irritating aromas (scents), lower irritation response in the eyes, nose/throat for people with allergies, underlying health conditions, and sensitivities.

Stephanie G Laynes has been a licensed esthetician for over 17 years. She is the creator of Se-Brazil Waxes, Se Skin Botanical Skincare, Sauberwell, and owner of Smooth Skin Supply LLC. Stephanie has traveled across the US, Canada, and Australia with her 7-Min Brazilian Wax Technique with licensed estheticians for over 12 years. Shifting her focus on sanitation and disinfection, she created Sauberwell to provide businesses an opportunity to clean with sanitizers and disinfectants that have a lower or no irritation response.

Sauberwell means:

Sauber (Clean in German) 

Well (Wellness for Health + Immune + Breathing)

For more info and to order Sauberwell...Click Here

Smooth Skin Supply LLC

Phone: 877-473-1032

Smooth Skin Supply YouTube Channel


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