The SugarShow S2E12: Spend Some Time with Sugar Smac and Jason Daase


This week's episode on The Sugar Show features Jason Daase from SugarSMAC!

Jason sat down with us to share all about the company's mission, and also a very hilarious story about how his passion grew to be on board with the sugaring industry. Jason takes pride in making customer service his main priority , and it shows through the way he speaks about his love for SugarSMAC.

J⁠ason Daase became involved with SugarSMAC® after catching the vision from Elena of what a world-class Sugaring company could be. Prior to his involvement in SugarSMAC, Jason was an educator for 23 years who had a passion for training the next generation to be lifelong learners and critical thinkers. He has used his skill set to help guide the SugarSMAC certification programme, and to cast an exciting new vision for the future of the company. He is committed to increasing the prominence of Body Sugaring in the esthetics industry, and to making SugarSMAC Professional® Body Sugaring a household name.

Tune in to hear more about SugarSMAC, and their dedication to providing good quality sugaring products!

You can connect with SugarSMAC: 

Instagram @sugar.smac

and on their website


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