The SugarShow S2E11: SUGAR & SOUL: Helping Your Client with Anxiety


Welcome to Sugar & Soul...our candid conversation on The Couch with Licensed Therapist, Rachel Chisenhall.

Each month we are going to choose a topic that Sugaring professionals are tackling either with themselves or their clients.  Our job is not to diagnose or prescribe but to understand how to be a listening ear for our clients.  We also must be careful to not take on the Anxiety that 2020 brings...or take it out on our families and friends when we get home.  We are bombarded with 2020's challenges...this episode will help us not reach for the wine bottle or chose poor coping methods! We got this!

We discuss:

The definition of Anxiety 2020

Heathy Coping skills

Ways to Navigate Your Feelings

We Need to Be Ok with 2020 Sucking

Taking Back Your Power Back

How to Navigate Irritable Clients and their Anxiety

Healthy Boundaries with your Clients


Rachel is a licensed marriage family therapist with a private practice in Folsom as well as an empowerment coach. She is also a trauma crisis therapist for Sutter Health and work with nurses and doctors that are dealing with crisis such as the wildfires in Santa Rosa and COVID 19. She specializes in eating disorders, body image and food addiction, anxiety, and relationship issues. 

Apologies for the audio quality, our on location microphone chose to not pick up! Regardless, the content is on point!

You can connect with Rachel @therapy.with.rach and [email protected]

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