The SugarShow, Ep. 7: What to Know about Sugaring Health Challenged Skin with Morag Currin, Oncology Training International


What an honor it is to have Morag Currin, a pioneer in the field of Oncology Aesthetics on the show.  Morag is the founder of Oncology Training International and our go-to for any questions we have as it relates to proper education on hair removal for not only cancer patients and survivors, but all health-challenged skin types. 

In this episode we discuss:
1) Dispelling the myths of Aesthetics & clients with a history of cancer
2) The difference between using the term Esthetics & Aesthetics
3) The benefits of using sugar instead of wax on compromised skin
4) How to talk to your clients who have indicated they are patients or survivors

This is jam-packed episode that hopefully will inspire you to "BE Intelligent" for the benefit of your clientele! If you are a SugarTribe member, make sure to take your knowledge a step further and watch the Masterclass in your advanced library with Morag! She has also launched an online course called "Oncology Aesthetics: Can we Sugar or Wax? and SugarTribers will deceive an awesome member discount for her course.  Not a Triber yet, no worries! You can join now and unlock a vault of knowledge and an amazing community!  Join us in the SugarTribe

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