The SugarShow, Ep. 8: Meet the Dynamic Women of Sweet and True Sugaring Co


Meet Tami Blake, the passionate Green Beauty formulator and founder of Sweet and True Sugaring Company.  She knew she had to bring a wax alternative into her California spa.  In this episode, she shares with us how she took the leap and used a family recipe for sugar paste, perfected it, and has successfully produced it on a larger scale. 

Her mission has been to provide sugaring professionals with a line that feeds the skin with botanical extracts and plant-based ingredients to bring balance to the skin to elevate the hair removal experience for both estheticians and their clients.  Every product she creates with her own hands, making sure each product is consistent and true to her mission.

Interested in how sugar paste gets its color?  What makes a sugar paste organic or NON-GMO?  We cover that in this episode! 

We also spend time with Myra Aviles, Sweet and True's Education Director on the show.  She has been sugaring for over 15 years and educates Sweet and True sugar professionals to learn everything from brows to bikinis.  She shares with us the new spatula design she created to add to the Sweet and True lineup...check it out!

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