The SugarShow - Sweet Success Stories: Tajina Rocke


Today we welcome Tajina Rocke, successful sugarist and owner of Bare Bodies Sugaring, located in New York!

⁠Tajina dropped amazing knowledge and advice for up and coming Sugar Pros and spoke about how she began her journey as a Sugarist. From switching career paths, to now growing and thriving in her own sweet salon, Tajina wants to expand even more and is ready to help inspire other sugar pros to do the same. ⁠

"After leaving the banking industry, I decided to pursue my passion in skincare and became a licensed esthetician. Hair removal became an obsession for me , as I found sugaring especially helped those with troubled skin. My obsession soon became my career and I has never looked back. I am the proud owner of Bare Bodies and is excited to share my love and knowledge of sugaring with others". ⁠

You can connect with Tajina Rocke: 

IG: @barebodies_sugaring


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