The SugarShow: S2E16 Announcing The SugarNetwork!


Sugar Babes! This is not your average episode of The Sugar Show. We have officially LAUNCHED a whole new sweet world for all of you. I introduce to you...The Sugar Network!
6 years ago I was teaching tableside and saw a need to reach esties all over the US (and international) so we I created iSugar University to provide consistent theory and technique through our Basic Certification course.
Last year, we expanded our offerings by sharing advanced courses and the SugarTribe membership and launched Love2Sugar. We followed that up with the SugarShow podcast to bring industry experts and their wisdom to our sugaring industry…We were humming along pretty well when…the pandemic hit.
My team and I pivoted the program to provide training and inspiration during the lockdown and have been listening to YOU during these last trying 7 months.  You want to SURVIVE, CONNECT & GET FOUND. You want to come back stronger than ever before.  
The SugarNetwork is a dynamic HUB for all sugaring professionals and the companies that love them to work together to rise up and influence the entire US to make the Sweet Switch to body sugaring!!  The first phase is for all of us to join the directory so it is a robust resource for when we start pushing it to the public for 2021~ Those that are in the network will not only be able to engage together but be able to search for resources including online and hands on training that can help to grow their skills and knowledge!
  • Our mission will be to influence the public to make the Sweet Switch to Sugar!  
  • We want you to grow your businesses and help you get found.
  • This is not your average Google search! The SugarNetwork is made up of only certified & licensed pros. It will help you set yourself apart and showcase your true & certified skills.
  • Once a substantial amount of Sugar Pros are in the system we will go into phase 2 with a PR push to reach out to the public and help you get found!
  • Increased visibility will help with your SEO too!
  • Connect with other sugaring professionals AND companies that will offer products & services
  • Access to:
    • Advanced Certifications
    • Hands On Training Directory in your area
    • Online Library with Sugaring Technique, Business, and Marketing skills
    • Job Search/Opportunities in your Area
  • This is the ultimate platform for you AND your business to get strong for the years to come! 
  • We got this…TOGETHER!!


VISIT and start today by creating your listing!! Get acquainted, connected, and lets get you ready to shine in 2021!  


Take advantage of the 14 day free trial on ANY listing you choose.




Get Your Sugaring Business Found and Network with the Sugaring Industry
by Joining The SugarNetwork  and tagging your sugaring biz on @TheSugarNetwork on IG!

To meet more inspiring Sugarists and business masters, join us in the Love2Sugar FB Community for more knowledge!

Join us on the 'gram: @love2sugar
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Thank you for joining us on this sugar journey!



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