The SugarShow, Ep. 1: Welcome to The SugarShow!


Thanks for tuning in! Welcome to the very first episode of the SugarShow!

To give you some background my clients named me the SugarMama because:

  1. My superpower is Sugaring
  2. I'm a mama to 5 kids and 1 granddaughter
  3. And because the “other meaning” is that I’ll take care of you

But to me being The SugarMama means I will guide you and give you solid REAL advice. We will work through all the things not only sugaring techniques but business and growth and a whole lotta gratitude.
We will laugh
We will learn
And we will do big things. I'm not shy!

For 10 years now I’ve made my living sugaring an enormous clientele and for the last 5 years I've been teaching esties all over the world how to master the art of body sugaring.

I've been able to go from scared single mama back then not knowing in a recession how I was going to feed my kids… to tripling my income and hiring a staff of esties and front desk dynamos to accommodate the growth. I've been able to help thousands of esties around the world to not only LEARN to sugar but BUILD their confidence and skills.

So today I am so jazzed to “relaunch” this SugarShow podcast actually. We had started this Show about 4 years ago and got so busy with our SugarMamas shop and teaching all the new ISU students how to sugar that we put it on the back burner.

Over the years I always tried to be brand neutral and focus on the techniques. I never shared my favorite things from sugar pastes to skincare companies I love and use…UNTIL NOW. Its time to take that SugarShow off the back burner and turn up the heat!

The sugaring industry is BOOMING…when I started not many people had heard of sugaring as an option and now its a THING! :). So NOW its time to talk about sugaring…from the companies that I love and respect, to the skincare and tools that complement the work that SugarPros do, to industry trends both good and not so good.

So if you have been sitting on the sidelines waiting for the right time - now is your time.

Each week I am going to deliver you soooo much knowledge AND introduce you to the most savvy educators, coaches, and biz owners I know.

Not only will we show you how to get started & learn the proper techniques but mostly how to drive your skincare biz to new heights.

This podcast is for you if you are currently a sugaring seasoned professional or are just learning to sugar. If you are an educator or a day spa owner. If you are an employee or an independent contractor….

  • We will learn how to master technique and learn new tricks
  • Utilize hair removal in the treatment room along with other skincare modalities
  • Build your clientele database
  • Learn about complementary services and companies
  • Choose the best sugar supplier for you…or introduce you to the new ones that are coming on the scene.
  • Learn about things like trademarks, entrepreneurship, and best accounting practices
    And soooo much more!

We have all waxed for so long and now that we have that beautiful sugar ball in our hands its time to open new doors with it!!

You might have noticed some changes over at iSugarU as well!

We are growing at such a rapid pace we had to figure out a way to put allllll of this sweet stuff under one roof. So we expanded and created Love 2 Sugar! So after this podcast go check out the new website Love2Sugar and link will be below in the show notes.

iSugarU is still very much alive and is now an option on the page…its the first button you will see. Click here if you are just starting to learn about Sugaring or are ready to take the Basic Certification course. Remember you must be a licensed estie AND certified to order from the truly professional sugar suppliers.

Already a SugarPro, then join us in the SugarTribe! After you listen to the inspirational SugarShow episodes in the weeks to come if you are craving more you can join our SugarTribe where myself and my colleagues have taken things a step further and created MasterClasses for you to dive deeper into the topics and take actionable steps toward bettering your career and your clients’ experiences.

Just want to take one of the classes? No worries! We have the advance library of all of our classes that can be taken individually.

The SugarShow podcast will introduce you to industry professionals and cover topics on a broad scale. When you are ready to dive deep we are ready for you because rather than have you experience each individual class a la carte (that can get pricey!) We have created a community called the Sugar Tribe that includes ALL we do….

Finally, you can check out the SugarMama’s Favorite Things area where I will be sharing with allll the things that I love to use while sugaring and running my successful business! I will be opening my doors and my cabinets to share with you all this awesome industry has to offer! On the website, you will see a general list of companies and contacts….inside the SugarTribe you will get to take classes from the suppliers, see me unbox and work with their products and tools…AND get special tribe discounts and treats!

Sooooo again, welcome to the SugarShow….I'm jazzed to spend time with you on this journey with all things Sweet!
See you soon!
I look forward to seeing you in class!

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