The SugarShow S2E9: Do You Know How to Properly Use PPE? Meet Karen Hodges,


2020 has been a doozy of a year and navigating the ever changing rules and regulations has been a challenge.  In this episode of the SugarShow, we introduce you to Karen Hodges, Co-founder of 

"Education is what I'm all about. I was the person they sent to workshops to learn new software or office programs and products in my first career in the business world. That's certainly followed me into my second career in the beauty industry!" --KH

Karen shares with us the proper way to use PPE in the Sugaring treatment room.  Shannon even learned a new thing or two about the proper way to "don and doff" a mask the right way!

Karen and her partner Janet McCormick have authored many high-quality educational training programs for the beauty industry. In addition, the partners offer advanced foot care training for nurses and medical assistants, permanent makeup training programs and others. Today, Karen often travels to US tradeshows as a speaker for America’s Beauty Show, CIDESCO, IECSC, ISSE and other organizations. Her classes are popular and highly-rated.

Contact information:
[email protected]
Cell 305-304-1107

They have a timely and very relevant course on Safety Training for the Beauty Industry which is hot off the press with post-pandemic information and protocols. 


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