The SugarShow S3E7 Are Your Struggling to Learn to Sugar? Tips to Master Your Sugaring Technique


If that little ball of lemon, sugar, and water has got you frustrated...listen up, this episode is for YOU!

First off... Don't Give Up!

I was a terrible student of sugaring.  My brain just didnt connect with my hand to get the mold OR the flick right.  I would practice just like my trainer showed me (with no videos at the time to take home with me!).  No matter how hard I pushed I just couldnt get that ball of sugar off someone's skin, let alone remove hair!

In this episode, you will not only hear some of my confessions but the tips and tricks I learned along the way to MASTER this technique.  I know you can do it too!

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The SugarShow S2E14: Adding Spray Tanning to Your Sugaring Menu with Kelly Callaghan


Have you been looking for different services to compliment your Sugaring Business? Maybe you've been thinking about adding anther lucrative, less time consuming, additional treatment to pamper your clients. Consider Spray Tanning!   

Meet Kelly Callaghan! In this episode, she is sitting down with us to talk about how to add spray tanning to your sugaring biz, and how we can collaborate together to take our businesses  to the next level. 

Kelly is an industry trailblazer who notoriously started an international spray tan business and grew it from $0 to multiple 6-figures in a few years and has professionally trained over 1,000 women to grow their sunless businesses. Her next step in beauty biz domination is taking the show on the road with her Slay the Spray training tour, holding marketing + inspirational events with her Wake Up to Level Up event and her podcast, Beauty Business Babes. She’s lit up by mentoring other women/boss ladies and roots everything...

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Body Sugar Certification: Should You?

To certify or not to certify….is that your question?

I’m so excited to hear from estheticians who are trying to decide whether or not to take the plunge and add Body Sugaring to their skill set. They get all twisty about whether to spend the money, where to go to get training, how much time its going to take out of their schedules…the list goes on. What gets me jazzed about this question is the answer is simple: Body Sugaring will increase your revenue and traffic. If that interests you, then you have your answer!

I, too, was twisty about the question back in the day.

I had just a few clients a day, which didn’t really give me enough extra cash to put into extra training. I am a single mama with two small kids…could I take the risk? The training at the time was $700 and I just didnt know if I could swing it.

Something moved me to take a chance and take the plunge. My intuition told me that if I just trusted my colleagues, I too could be a successful...

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