The SugarShow:S3E5: Luxury Add Ons for Face Sugaring Treatments with Shelley Hancock


Welcome one of my longtime inspirations and educators in this beauty industry, Shelley Hancock!  Shelley has been affectionately named "The Gadget Gal" by her clients and students because she has made it her mission to provide you with top quality equipment and service for your skincare treatment room.  With 33 years in the business, Shelley is an esthetician, former day spa owner, and not the passionate distributor of skincare equipment.  This "Machine Queen" is determined to spread quality education on getting instant results with gadgets and comes to the episode today to share add-ons you can use in your sugaring treatments.

In this episode you will learn about 3 addons, the Eye Rejuvenator,  The Essence Sheet Mask, and the MiTama for upsells that will deliver results for your clients.  And we all know results mean more sales for you!

You can find more information on Shelley and these powerful add-on at her website!

Get Your...

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The SugarShow: S3E4: Are YOU the Go-To Sugaring Professional in Your Area? w Maxine Drake


Are you truly THE GO-TO Sugaring Pro in your town?  If not, what's holding you back?

Our guest, Maxine Drake, founder of Esthetician Beauty Academy, the Beauty Business Summit, and creator of the Esthetician Inner Circle...joins us in this episode to help you answer the burning question of how to be THE ONE clients seek out to Sugar them.

How do you KNOW if you are truly THE BEST?

Is your Marketing truly getting your work out?

What holds you back from really becoming THE choice for sugar in your area?

How can Introverts bust out of their shell and market their true skills?

Its time to change the narrative and say "I AM going to get better at my skills and marketing so I WILL be THE CHOICE in my town for sugaring!"  Time to truly be #sweetandstrong20201

For more information on Maxine's programs check out her website, as well as her programs and the  Esthetician Business Academy!

Get Your Sugaring Business Found and...

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The SugarShow: S2E16 Announcing The SugarNetwork!


Sugar Babes! This is not your average episode of The Sugar Show. We have officially LAUNCHED a whole new sweet world for all of you. I introduce to you...The Sugar Network!
6 years ago I was teaching tableside and saw a need to reach esties all over the US (and international) so we I created iSugar University to provide consistent theory and technique through our Basic Certification course.
Last year, we expanded our offerings by sharing advanced courses and the SugarTribe membership and launched Love2Sugar. We followed that up with the SugarShow podcast to bring industry experts and their wisdom to our sugaring industry…We were humming along pretty well when…the pandemic hit.
My team and I pivoted the program to provide training and inspiration during the lockdown and have been listening to YOU during these last trying 7 months.  You want to SURVIVE, CONNECT & GET FOUND. You want to come back stronger than...
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The SugarShow S2E14: Adding Spray Tanning to Your Sugaring Menu with Kelly Callaghan


Have you been looking for different services to compliment your Sugaring Business? Maybe you've been thinking about adding anther lucrative, less time consuming, additional treatment to pamper your clients. Consider Spray Tanning!   

Meet Kelly Callaghan! In this episode, she is sitting down with us to talk about how to add spray tanning to your sugaring biz, and how we can collaborate together to take our businesses  to the next level. 

Kelly is an industry trailblazer who notoriously started an international spray tan business and grew it from $0 to multiple 6-figures in a few years and has professionally trained over 1,000 women to grow their sunless businesses. Her next step in beauty biz domination is taking the show on the road with her Slay the Spray training tour, holding marketing + inspirational events with her Wake Up to Level Up event and her podcast, Beauty Business Babes. She’s lit up by mentoring other women/boss ladies and roots everything...

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The SugarShow - Sweet Success Stories: Tajina Rocke


Today we welcome Tajina Rocke, successful sugarist and owner of Bare Bodies Sugaring, located in New York!

Tajina dropped amazing knowledge and advice for up and coming Sugar Pros and spoke about how she began her journey as a Sugarist. From switching career paths, to now growing and thriving in her own sweet salon, Tajina wants to expand even more and is ready to help inspire other sugar pros to do the same.

"After leaving the banking industry, I decided to pursue my passion in skincare and became a licensed esthetician. Hair removal became an obsession for me , as I found sugaring especially helped those with troubled skin. My obsession soon became my career and I has never looked back. I am the proud owner of Bare Bodies and is excited to share my love and knowledge of sugaring with others".

You can connect with Tajina Rocke: 

IG: @barebodies_sugaring


To meet...

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The SugarShow, Ep. 2: Jenell Garcia


Jenell Garcia, 27-year industry veteran shares her wisdom and insight with us how to love on your clients and have it majorly impact your bookings!

She began as a single mom with 2 small boys and had to quickly figure out how to work through the fear and become a successfully booked esthetician.  She is a self-professed workaholic…to make things happen for her boys!  She knows the value of hustle and hard work.  She is now teaching other estheticians how to reach past their fears and find the lessons that will help them build amazing businesses.

 Afraid to spend money on marketing, she began doing events to expand her reach and gain more customers.  She became an advocate for our industry and begin meet up groups to get local esties together.  She became a huge support to the local estheticians in the Sacramento area.  She is truly a teacher and a dynamo.  She gives of herself and estheticians learn so much from her.  She is real...

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