The SugarShow:S3E5: Luxury Add Ons for Face Sugaring Treatments with Shelley Hancock


Welcome one of my longtime inspirations and educators in this beauty industry, Shelley Hancock!  Shelley has been affectionately named "The Gadget Gal" by her clients and students because she has made it her mission to provide you with top quality equipment and service for your skincare treatment room.  With 33 years in the business, Shelley is an esthetician, former day spa owner, and not the passionate distributor of skincare equipment.  This "Machine Queen" is determined to spread quality education on getting instant results with gadgets and comes to the episode today to share add-ons you can use in your sugaring treatments.

In this episode you will learn about 3 addons, the Eye Rejuvenator,  The Essence Sheet Mask, and the MiTama for upsells that will deliver results for your clients.  And we all know results mean more sales for you!

You can find more information on Shelley and these powerful add-on at her website!

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The SugarShow, S2, Ep. 3: Summer Sugaring--Keeping Your Cool


Welcome to Love2Sugar’s The SugarShow’s 3rd episode “Summer Sugaring--Keeping Your Cool!" I’m Shannon, the “SugarMama,” here to guide you on keeping all things cool this summer.

Aaahhhh Summer. Sunshine, beaches, bikinis...and beautifully smooth skin. Music to an estheticians ears! 

This is the busiest hair removal season for the beauty industry and the best time to build your clientele. Seasoned sugarists know they have a consistent tool to bring clients in the door no matter what time of year--even the hot summers. After 10 summers in the treatment room in hot California, here are my tips for keeping you and your clients cool and perfectly smooth.

8 Musts for Summer Sugaring Success:

  1. Chill Out Your Room: Keep the temperature in your room around 70 degrees to keep your sugar paste consistent. When you are sugaring back to back, it is important to keep you cool and keep your clients body temperature down if they have been outside...
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