The SugarShow:S3E5: Luxury Add Ons for Face Sugaring Treatments with Shelley Hancock


Welcome one of my longtime inspirations and educators in this beauty industry, Shelley Hancock!  Shelley has been affectionately named "The Gadget Gal" by her clients and students because she has made it her mission to provide you with top quality equipment and service for your skincare treatment room.  With 33 years in the business, Shelley is an esthetician, former day spa owner, and not the passionate distributor of skincare equipment.  This "Machine Queen" is determined to spread quality education on getting instant results with gadgets and comes to the episode today to share add-ons you can use in your sugaring treatments.

In this episode you will learn about 3 addons, the Eye Rejuvenator,  The Essence Sheet Mask, and the MiTama for upsells that will deliver results for your clients.  And we all know results mean more sales for you!

You can find more information on Shelley and these powerful add-on at her website!

Get Your...

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The SugarShow: S3E4: Are YOU the Go-To Sugaring Professional in Your Area? w Maxine Drake


Are you truly THE GO-TO Sugaring Pro in your town?  If not, what's holding you back?

Our guest, Maxine Drake, founder of Esthetician Beauty Academy, the Beauty Business Summit, and creator of the Esthetician Inner Circle...joins us in this episode to help you answer the burning question of how to be THE ONE clients seek out to Sugar them.

How do you KNOW if you are truly THE BEST?

Is your Marketing truly getting your work out?

What holds you back from really becoming THE choice for sugar in your area?

How can Introverts bust out of their shell and market their true skills?

Its time to change the narrative and say "I AM going to get better at my skills and marketing so I WILL be THE CHOICE in my town for sugaring!"  Time to truly be #sweetandstrong20201

For more information on Maxine's programs check out her website, as well as her programs and the  Esthetician Business Academy!

Get Your Sugaring Business Found and...

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The SugarShow: S3E2: Knowing Your Beauty Business Numbers with Kenesha Coleman



Kenesha Coleman, The Beauty CPA is back with another jam-packed episode where she drops the knowledge bombs!

In this episode, we go over:

Episode #3 Knowing your Beauty Business’ Numbers

  1. The importance of knowing your business’ numbers

    1. Be aware of the financial health of your business

    2. Make sound business decisions

    3. Use the numbers as a tool to strategically grow    

  2. It all starts with Bookkeeping

    1. You can’t manage what you don’t track

    2. What is bookkeeping?

  3. Knowing the “story” behind your business’ numbers

    1. Don’t do bookkeeping for the sake of bookkeeping, know the “story” behind what the numbers are telling you

    2. Are you profitable?

      1. Gross margin - service or product profitability?

      2. Profit margin - overall business profitability?

    3. Business Performance

      1. How did you perform this month compared to last month?

    4. Progress toward the financial goal?

      1. How did we...

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The SugarShow: S2E21 Top 6 Ways to Boost your Sugar Biz and Shine in 2021


This is such an exciting time to be a  Body Sugaring professional! In order to make sure your skills are as sharp as can be and your business skyrockets in the years to come, this episode will be a big help!

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The SugarShow: S2E16 Announcing The SugarNetwork!


Sugar Babes! This is not your average episode of The Sugar Show. We have officially LAUNCHED a whole new sweet world for all of you. I introduce to you...The Sugar Network!
6 years ago I was teaching tableside and saw a need to reach esties all over the US (and international) so we I created iSugar University to provide consistent theory and technique through our Basic Certification course.
Last year, we expanded our offerings by sharing advanced courses and the SugarTribe membership and launched Love2Sugar. We followed that up with the SugarShow podcast to bring industry experts and their wisdom to our sugaring industry…We were humming along pretty well when…the pandemic hit.
My team and I pivoted the program to provide training and inspiration during the lockdown and have been listening to YOU during these last trying 7 months.  You want to SURVIVE, CONNECT & GET FOUND. You want to come back stronger than...
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The SugarShow Sweet Success Stories: Hayden Snyder


Meet Hayden Snyder, owner of Down South Sugar Co.! She is the true definition of what a boss babe is! At just 23 years old, she has built her successful sugar business in a small town where most didn't know what sugaring is. By spreading her love for sugaring and educating clients on making the sweet switch, Hayden continues to grow her business and share her story. 




You can connect with Hayden Snyder : 

IG: @downsouthsugar



To meet more inspiring Sugarists and business masters, join us in the Love2Sugar FB Community for more knowledge!

Join us on the 'gram: @love2sugar
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The SugarShow S2E12: Spend Some Time with Sugar Smac and Jason Daase


This week's episode on The Sugar Show features Jason Daase from SugarSMAC!

Jason sat down with us to share all about the company's mission, and also a very hilarious story about how his passion grew to be on board with the sugaring industry. Jason takes pride in making customer service his main priority , and it shows through the way he speaks about his love for SugarSMAC.

Jason Daase became involved with SugarSMAC® after catching the vision from Elena of what a world-class Sugaring company could be. Prior to his involvement in SugarSMAC, Jason was an educator for 23 years who had a passion for training the next generation to be lifelong learners and critical thinkers. He has used his skill set to help guide the SugarSMAC certification programme, and to cast an exciting new vision for the future of the company. He is committed to increasing the prominence of Body Sugaring in the esthetics industry, and to making SugarSMAC Professional® Body Sugaring a household name.


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The SugarShow, S2, Ep. 6: What to Expect from a Skincare Distributor with special guests Wendi & Cee, Alexander’s Aesthetics


A business that sells to customers is the technical description of a distributor. Alexander’s is so much more than that! 

Alexander’s Aesthetics started in the family. The love of skincare prompted him to purchase many many products over the years trying to find the best ones out there. In the end, this led to a formation of a very large company that was centered around education of doctors and estheticians. This ended up becoming our foundation--to educate and provide information for clients while they are trying to find the right products for them and their businesses.

Q: Wendy, when did you decide to jump into the family business? 
A: My mom took it over while I was an adult so I didn’t grow up with it. My husband and I both worked in the volatile business of tech in Colorado and decided we wanted something different. At the suggestion of my mother, we jumped into opening Alexander’s Aesthetics in Colorado. Once I opened the business, I...

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